The Color Copy Center



Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

 -Do you offer volume discounts?
  Yes we do, on run lengths over 2000.
  Please send us your specs and we will send you an estimate.

 -Are there any printing products that you don't offer?
  Yes, we don't print Envelopes and we don't print Letterhead.

 -Is there a charge to send you a file so you can take a look at it and give us some feedback?
  No, there is no charge for us to take a look at your file and offer some suggestions on layout, paper usage, etc.

 -What if I want to look at a printed proof, how do you handle that?
  Most of our clients choose not to have a printed proof.
  If you want a printed proof, the price is $25.
  It is done like every other job and is delivered to you the next day.

 -Do you start on my print project right away?
With new clients, we don't do anything until payment is made.
  With returning clients, we typically open up your files , check them for issues, and then send them over to the RIP.
  This way, we can start printing your job as soon as you make your payment.

 -Do you guys work all night?

  No, not unless we need to get all of the work done by morning deliveries.
  Sometimes we leave early in the evening, only to come back first thing in the morning to finish up.
  This is why it is important to get us your files and pay for your job before 5:00pm.